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Y. S.Arts & K. S. Shah Commerce College was started in 1964 by Maharaja Jaideepsinhji of Baria, to give the children of this area an opportunity to get higher education. The college was started with just 44 students. Today we have a strength of about 2000 students.

The college boasts SIX U.G. departments and FIVE P.G. departments, complemented by a partially computerized library. Emphasizing a holistic approach to education, the college fosters activities beyond academic pursuits, particularly in sports and cultural endeavors. With a storied history of accomplishments in sports and culture, the institution has nurtured athletes who have set records at state, national, and international levels. Students are actively encouraged to participate in N.C.C. and N.S.S. programs, engage in social work, conduct camps in rural areas, and promote awareness on health, hygiene, and water conservation. Notably, the college counts numerous alumni who have served in the armed forces and excelled in sports.

Our students are mainly from poor rural background and tribal. We strive to widen their horizon through knowledge, especially the computer and internet, since today even the agriculture sector is competing globally. The education and activities we offer will help and prepare the students to go into the practical world. We try to inspire them to think big, dream big and aim high and help provide an education that helps them reach their goals. We try to prepare them to meet the challenges and to find the opportunities.

We strive to make students good, honest, law-abiding citizens of India who have the courage of their convictions and stand by their principles. All this is only possible because of the dedication of our faculty members. It is they who have opted to live in a small town, making many personal sacrifices, and are doing a noble job of educating, counseling and supporting the students. To interact and guide students many committees have been formed, "Alumni and parents".

I also have the complete support from the members of my board (Baria Higher Education Society) who are all determined and dedicated to realizing the dream of my father to provide a holistic development for the rural people. We try to inculcate in the students Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s vision that – "Dreams are not those you see when you are asleep- dreams are those that keep you awake"

When asked about the definition of success Benjamin Franklin said –

"If even one life has breathed easier because you lived, you have succeeded"

And we believe one day our dreams will come true

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 "GCASમાં રજીસ્ટ્રેશન” કરાવવા માટેના પુરાવા:


(૧). સક્રિય મોબાઈલ
                    (૨). સક્રિય ઈ.મેલ આઈ.ડી

 ડોક્યુમેન્ટ અપલોડ” કરાવવા માટેના પુરાવા: 

    (૧). એક પાસપોર્ટ સાઇઝનો ફોટો,

    (૨). ડિજિટલ સહી,

    (૩). આધારકાર્ડની નકલ,

    (૪). જાતિનો દાખલો (ORIGINAL COPY),

    (૫). ૧૦/૧૨/કૉલેજ પાસ કર્યા અંગેનું સર્ટીફિકેટ (ORIGINAL COPY), 

    (૬). સ્કૂલ લિવિંગ સર્ટીફિકેટ (ORIGINAL COPY).



Y. S Arts & K. S. Shah Commerce College, is situated in Devgadh Baria, serving the three most poor talukas of Gujarat. In very lap of nature, hills of Devgadh surrounds the building of college.

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