Baria Kelvani Mandal / S. R. High school

S. R. High School was started in 1905 as a primary school during the reign of Mansinghji of former Baria State. He introduced English education for the first time in the region. In 1919 under the rule of Maharaja Ranjitsinghji it became a high school and was rechristened Sir Ranjit Singh High School. In 1952 the administration of the school was transferred to the Baria Kelavani Mandal. In the 2005 the school had a grand celebration of its centenary year. For a hundred years the school has proved to be a true beacon of light in this area. It is notable that the school provides major inputs to the college, thus it attracts college to promote education at grass root level.

Besides that, Baria Kelvani Mandal runs three schools, which serves need of tribal students.

Vibhas Trust

Vibhas Trust is promoted by royal family of Devgadh Baria and is known for animal welfare activities. It runs a donkey sanctuary one of very few in the world.

It also runs schools and ashrams in tribal area which provides opportunity to students of unreached tribal area. It also runs C. P. Ed. college at Devgadh Baria.

It regularly organizes various career-oriented training programmes and workshops for the students at the college.

C. P. Ed. / P. T. C. Colleges

C.P.Ed. college & P.T.C. college both teacher education colleges attract us, as the teacher is nurture of future. Thus, teacher improvement programs, language labs, seminars etc, includes active participation from both colleges.


Area Networking and Development Initiatives, a women empowerment NGO is based at Baria and has been working with rural tribal women and marginalized communities of Saurashtra, Panchmahals and Dahod districts of Gujarat. It runs two rural women led organizations namely Devgadh Mahila Sangathan and Panam Mahila Sangathan with over 6000 members. C.W.D.C. is closely attached with ANANDI to promote gender equalization.


Association for Consciousness & Nature is NGO based in Baria and has been working for promotion of ecology and environment. Beside that they are also involved in educational, youth, cultural activities as well as adventure activities. Various activities of ASCON are offered to our students.

Notification Board


 "GCASમાં રજીસ્ટ્રેશન” કરાવવા માટેના પુરાવા:


(૧). સક્રિય મોબાઈલ
                    (૨). સક્રિય ઈ.મેલ આઈ.ડી

 ડોક્યુમેન્ટ અપલોડ” કરાવવા માટેના પુરાવા: 

    (૧). એક પાસપોર્ટ સાઇઝનો ફોટો,

    (૨). ડિજિટલ સહી,

    (૩). આધારકાર્ડની નકલ,

    (૪). જાતિનો દાખલો (ORIGINAL COPY),

    (૫). ૧૦/૧૨/કૉલેજ પાસ કર્યા અંગેનું સર્ટીફિકેટ (ORIGINAL COPY), 

    (૬). સ્કૂલ લિવિંગ સર્ટીફિકેટ (ORIGINAL COPY).



Y. S Arts & K. S. Shah Commerce College, is situated in Devgadh Baria, serving the three most poor talukas of Gujarat. In very lap of nature, hills of Devgadh surrounds the building of college.

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